Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin Multiplatform

I've started to explore Kotlin Multiplatform. I'll be linking interesting things to this post, and hopefully I'll have enough to make my own post on the subject at some point.

Why have I been looking at this? I really want to make Apple Watch apps that link my Apple Watch with my Android Pixel 3. I know, folly right? Well, maybe not. If I can write a shared base of code in Kotlin to consume information from my phone, perhaps I'd be able to bridge the gap.

But first, I need to learn KMP. This wasn't really an easy task in the past, and WatchOS support wasn't available until recently. But, then came John O'Reilly with his minimal People In Space app that show just how straightforward it can be, these days to write a KMP app for consuming a JSON API and presenting the information on iOS and Android.

I spent some time, and contributed WatchOS support to his repo, mostly as an exercise to learn how this stuff works, and also make some progress on my ultimate goal of making WatchOS apps mostly in Kotlin.

Read John's blog post here.